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SwitchDin VPP Introduction

This course is an introduction to the SwitchDin interface for managing Virtual Power Plants (VPP). It covers the key concepts and functionalities, guiding you through the general setup and configuration process.

About This Course

As Australia’s energy system becomes more distributed and decentralised, electricity networks, retailers and system operators are looking for ways to harness the potential of distributed energy resources (e.g. solar, batteries, air conditioners, water heaters and more) to bolster system reliability and efficiency.

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a software and communications-based capability that enables the orchestration of a fleet of Distributed Energy Resources (DER/CER) in a manner that both meets customer needs and provides beneficial electric products to one or more tiers or layers of the power system.

VPP-ready sites are equipped with real-time monitoring and control functionality, so that VPP operators can make real-time decisions about when, where and how to deploy resources in their fleet.

VPP participation will become a key way for homes and businesses to get more out of their energy assets, being financially rewarded for taking part in VPP programs.

SwitchDin’s VPP platform is vendor and retailer-neutral, allowing a high degree of flexibility for end-users and energy companies alike.

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Who's put together the training?

Will Kozinski, our Head of Customer Success for SwitchDin

What will you learn?

Essential SwitchDin concepts: Gain a solid understanding of the core elements of the SwitchDin interface and their roles in VPP operations.

General setup and configuration: Discover a step-by-step approach to setting up and configuring the SwitchDin interface for optimal VPP management.

Who should complete this training?

VPP Operators looking to leverage the SwitchDin platform for efficient and effective VPP management.

Individuals interested in understanding the workings of the SwitchDin interface and its capabilities for VPP applications.

How long will the training take?

Completing the course should take no more than 60 minutes, and can be done in separate sessions.