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Horizon Power SGD Installer training

This course is for solar installers to be accredited to install Horizon Power SGD (Secure Device Gateway) for the Smart Connect Solar program.

About This Course

The Smart Connect Solar - Installer Training course introduces the installation and commissioning process for the Secure Gateway Device (SGD) used by Horizon Power's Smart Connect Solar.

By embracing this technology, Horizon Power aims to remove hosting capacity limits, enable more of their customers to access solar, and, together with your skills and experience, build a sustainable energy future.

Who's put together the training?

Course Staff Image #1

Will Kozinski

Will is Head of Customer Success for SwitchDin

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should complete this training?

Solar and battery storage system installers looking to install Horizon Power SGD for any customer eligible to the Smart Connect Solar program.

How long will the training take?

Completing the course should take no more than 15 minutes, and can be done in separate sessions.